Magnetic Sensors
Cabeco designs, produces and markets a wide range of magnetic sensors – proximity sensors – magnetic switch applied in countless and very diverse sectors.

We have a vast experience in the development and manufacture of magnetic sensors – proximity sensors – magnetic switch for all types of applications

Within the wide range of uses, the range focused on elevators and mechanical transporters of people and goods deserves special mention. The unquestionable experience provided by being so many years developing and manufacturing magnetic switches, is backed by the world’s leading manufacturers of elevators, of which we take pride in being suppliers, as well as obtaining the ISO91001 and Q-plus quality certificates.

Being a design laboratory leads to constant innovation and improvement of our products, which allows us to adapt to the special characteristics of the different builders and their needs. Thus, it is possible to respond quickly to the innovations that our customers decide to introduce in their products, as well as to their new designs.

The use of top quality materials, as well as the use of switching elements of the world’s leading manufacturers, together with a rigorous quality control of all manufacturing processes, allow to obtain magnetic sensors – proximity sensors – switches High quality magnetic and unsurpassed reliability and precision. In addition, all safety and control regulations that affect the use of environmentally friendly and waste disposal compounds are strictly adhered to.

It is important to note that each magnetic sensor – magnetic switch – proximity sensor is tested during 3 stages of its manufacture, resulting in 100% of the units under control.
Our eagerness to achieve total quality coupled with the extreme demand that suppose to provide to market leaders forces us to produce each magnetic sensor – magnetic switch – proximity sensor with the highest level of control of the market.