The Cabeco Inflator range guarantees the ideal solution for safe and reliable tire inflation. Our air equipment is characterized by its precision and robustness. More than 30 years in the market offering quality products support us.

Carrying the wheels of the same axle with different pressures has a negative impact on driving, produces drifts in the direction both during walking and braking, which causes greater fatigue in driving, increasing the risk of accident.

Similarly, carrying inadequate pressure on the wheels results in greater wear and tear on them, and therefore, in higher fuel consumption.

Inflator equipment – CABECO balancers, achieve an automatic balancing of the pressure on the wheels thanks to the valves, from the ends of the hoses, specially designed to allow air to circulate freely through them while they are connected to the wheels , and blocking its passage, at the moment they are extracted. This allows on the one hand the inflation of wheels with only one of the hoses, as would be the case with motorcycles, and to be able to connect them to the two wheels of the same axle in a car, without deflating them at the time of having a only connected and without having to manipulate any stopcock related to the equipment. For this reason, in the case of having to replace any of the valves with wear or breakage, it is imperative that it be one of the same type.

Pressure balancing is achieved thanks to the fact that the two hoses are connected inside the equipment and these, in turn, to the indicator instrument and to the inflation and deflation valves. This causes the pressure to equalize on the two wheels being the one that is measured, at all times, the one inside the pneumatic circuit.

CABECO air equipment can be installed in any place that foresees the need to control the inflation pressure of the wheels of motor vehicles.

  • SERVICE STATIONS (gas stations)
  • PUBLIC GARAGES (parking)

In addition, as shown below, our client can configure his Inflator-Balancer according to his needs:

  • You can choose between equipment painted in Queen Epoxy or manufactured entirely in Stainless Steel.
  • Inflators with built-in compressor.
  • Balancer with two hoses, two spirals or two reels.
  • Equipment with water supply (air-water equipment).
  • Inflators with Pre-paid Service.