Airforce Tire Inflator – Approved

State-of-the-art equipment in high-quality analog meters for reliable tire inflation, and high-performance tire workshops, garages, transport fleets and service stations.



The new AirForce model is a manual, robust but lightweight tire inflator, with an easy-to-read display, which offers precise and trouble-free tire inflation.

    • All this facilitates the adjustment of the pressures in an effective way which allows the tire users to benefit from a longer duration of these, an improvement in fuel economy and an increased safety.

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    • The AirForce has been developed with reinforced technical plastics, to meet the strict specifications of high volume of use and intensive applications. The lightweight weight of the AirForce and its intelligent design improves the product’s ability to withstand shock, which increases its life.

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    • The ergonomic handle of the AirForce, together with the direct drive mechanism of the valve provide comfort and speed in inflation and deflation.

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    The pressure is measured by a robust high performance mechanical indicator with low tolerances, well above the requirements of the European directive EC86 / 217. It has the certificate of approval UK 06/2779. Maximum pressure 12 bar in divisions of 0.1 bar.


  • Length 250mm
  • Width 110mm
  • Weight 0.36kg