AIG H10 Series Stainless Tire Inflator – CE Approved

Compact equipment, mounted in a metal cabinet (*), with access to all components by rear door.

The team is composed of two high quality interior reels with 8 meters. of hose each, for the supply of AIR and WATER.



For the supply of AIR it has a special CABECO valve, and a pressure gauge of the P.C.L. mod .: Wallair, framed with stainless steel support of high resistance, of great remote visibility, according to CE standards, and suitable for both light and heavy vehicle areas. Maximum pressure 10 bar.

The supply of WATER is carried out by means of a special gun for radiators.

The intake jacks for AIR and WATER are arranged internally using 1/2 “stopcocks and purge filter for AIR.

Optional Equipment:
There is a model with 8bar compressor built into the cabinet, mod .: AIG-H10-C.

(*) There are two body versions:

  • Epoxy Painted Steel
  • Brushed Stainless Steel