Volumetric flask 10 lts. Certified

Flasks with graduated neck for checking liquid fuel pumps.
Manufactured and calibrated according to standard UNE 82510 in borosilocate glass with low linear coefficient of thermal expansion:
33×10 degrees Celsius and volumes: 2L, 5L, 10L and 20L meeting the requirements of Ministerial Order 13499 of 1998/05/27.



Calibrations in: Dry, Pre-Moistened, or in both conditions according to article reference, are supplied with an individual identification number of contrast, engraved in the lower part of the neck and accompanied by a calibration certificate.

For dry or double-scale calibrated flasks (dry and pre-moistened), the calibration calibration attached is for dry calibration and issued by the Laboratory of Calibration of Volumetric, S.A. ENAC accredited.

In all cases, a copy of the authorization of the officially authorized laboratory, issued by the Department of Industry of the Generalitat de Catalunya, is also attached.