AVIZOR: NIvel LPG Control Domestic / Commercial

Visual and audible alarm system by radio frequency at 868 MHz for liquid fuel tanks.

Composed of two modules, one placed on the tank that transmits the information of the stock value in percentage, and another, located in the most convenient place that gives notice by a red LED of high luminosity and by an intermittent beep when it descends below of 30%.



The alarm message remains for one minute and if it is not canceled by pressing the button on the front of the module, it will give a warning again after 30 minutes.

It also incorporates a 3 ½ digit display where the exact level of the deposit will be displayed when the same button is pressed at any time.

Conveniently control the level of gas from your home.
The new AVIZOR will inform you of the level at all times in real time. If the gas level falls below 30%, AVIZOR will activate an acoustic and visual alarm so that the control of your tank is a comfortable and safe task.

  • Know the tank level with a simple click.
  • Measurement control via Radio
  • Ideal for roofs or hard to reach areas
  • Double intermittent sound and light warning.
  • Option of telephone control via GSM
  • Compatible with all types of levels