CND3000 level sensors for LPG

The CND 3000 level sensors, designed and manufactured by Cabeco S.A, are precision instruments of high reliability, robust and prepared to be installed outdoors. The equipment has been designed to facilitate the level measurement operations of fuel tanks, liquefied gases (G.L.P) and any other liquid that can be measured by means of a float. For this it has the approvals and certifications II ½ G Ex ia IIB T4, intrinsically safe, in explosive atmospheres. Certificate of type LOM 03atex2151 x.



in fiberglass filled polycarbonate, and a stainless steel sheath along which a float slides designed to resist high pressures and chemicals.
The sheath contains a magnetic circuit inside that, when closed by the passage of a magnet placed in the float, allows an accurate reading of the tank level. The level information can be read at any time by means of a display screen installed in the head. The attachment to the tank is by means of JR flange or 8´´ plate. The necessary electronics for the signal process are located in the head, providing the following information:

  • VISUAL: Through a liquid crystal display that indicates the level of the tank in percentage.
  • ELECTRICAL: Through a 4 to 20 milliamps current signal that will be a function of the percentage of filling.
  • TELEMEDIDA: Through a Cabeco external telemetry or telemetry device integrated in the CND3000TG variant, the information on the percentage of filling of the deposit can be captured and sent as a text message via (SMS) or to the Internet (GPRS)