CNR-3000-CNR3000 / D level sensors

The level sensors model CNR3000, designed and manufactured by Cabeco, S.A., are precision instruments of high reliability, robust and prepared to be installed outdoors. The CNR3000 level sensor is designed to facilitate level measurement operations in fuel tanks or any other liquid that can be measured by float.
The level sensors consist of a DIN-A head made of aluminum and a stainless steel sheath with a diameter of 16mm, with one or two SPANSIL® floats, a material highly resistant to chemicals.



A series of resistors and reed ampoules are mounted in the sheath that, when closed by the passage of the magnet placed on the float, generate a potentiometric effect throughout its entire path.
The version of the level sensors CNR3000 / D includes a lower float that acts on a vial, indicating the presence of water at the bottom of the tank.

The attachment to the tank is by means of a 2 “GAS thread.
The terminals necessary to connect the device to a measuring instrument are located in the level sensor head. In installations with explosive atmospheres, the level probe must be connected through approved galvanic isolators or that the instrument is intrinsically safe.