CND3000-D-GASOLEO diesel level sensors

The diesel sensors are composed of a rod with the main oil level measurement float, plus an additional float at the bottom that indicates the level of water that can accumulate at the bottom of the tank.

The internal operation is based on the same principle as the LPG probes, that is, the switching of reed ampoules using a magnetic field.



There are several configurations for the so-called DEPOSITS FOR OWN CONSUMPTIONS

  • Level sensors with display for direct reading
  • Level sensors with radio emission for near-field reading
  • Level sensors with GSM emission for far field reading.

For a maximum of 5 tanks with an individual probe with a reading screen on its own. A level sensor works as a MASTER, receiving the radio signals from the rest of the SLAVE probes, and sending all levels via GSM to a mobile phone or a PC with Data Management Software.

We adapt to the needs of each project. Our engineering department develops level sensors and data collection systems according to the requirements of each client, so we recommend direct contact with us to offer them a more personalized service.