CND 3000 level sensors own consumption

The level sensors model CND3000, designed and manufactured by Cabeco, S.A., for own diesel consumption, are a PVC version to work at atmospheric pressure, in plastic tanks that contain water, diesel or any non-corrosive liquid or solvent.



The measurement is based on three set points: a minimum to indicate an urgent recharge need, a means to indicate the possibility of a recharge with leftovers or a pre-alert situation for a next recharge, and a maximum to indicate that it has been recharged .
These points activate alarms that notify, instantly, the company that supplies fuel so that it can meet the needs of its customer. At the same time, every 48 hours a report of the state of the setpoints is sent to corroborate the alarms and for a possible diagnosis in case of a system failure.
The method used to send the information is by means of short SMS messages
The team has the approvals and certifications:

– II 1 / 2G Ex ia IIB T4, intrinsically safe, in explosive atmospheres.
– Certificate of type LOM 03ATEX2151 X.

The equipment consists of a rectangular head made of fiberglass filled polycarbonate, with a transparent lid, and a PVC sheath, with a SPANSIL® float, a material highly resistant to chemicals.
In the sheath the three points are mounted by means of reed ampoules that, when closed by the passage of the magnet placed in the float, generate the signal that activates the corresponding alarm.
The subjection to the tank is by means of flange of four holes.
The electronics necessary for the signal processing provided by the sheath are located in the head.
It works autonomously powered by a non-rechargeable, 3.6V and 14AH lithium battery, long lasting.